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Nice to get this thank you card from Joe Duffy for the advice I gave on Life Loans on his Radio show last week.

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Fair Deal Advice Founder Tom Murray Was Recently Featured on Liveline – Talking About Life Loans And Its Impact on the Fair Deal

Great to be asked to be part of the Joe Duffy show today contributing on the subject of Life Loan. It is very distressing seen how these impact older people their fair deal applications and ultimately their estates which are typically decimated by the life loans and the compound interest they charge. Please avoid these financial products at all costs. Unfortunately they are being sold again.

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Life Loans And Their Implications On Long Term Care Funding

I decided to write this article as in recent times I have seen an increase in advertising of Life loans which are loans provided typically to persons over 62 against the value of their homes to help fund retirement or to buy items that funds are not available for. The loans are usually repayable at death and in the meantime, interest is charged at quite high rates and accumulates using compound interest. For many by […]

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Nursing Homes & Vaccinations for COVID-19

Nursing Homes & Vaccinations For COVID-19

At Fairdealadvice.ie we welcome the decision of the HSE to roll out the vaccinations to our most vulnerable in society our Nursing Home Residents and the wonderful staff who care for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Nursing Homes will soon be the safest place to be for older persons in need of care and once the vaccination process is completed for Nursing Home’s hopefully the lives of Residents will be able […]

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Should I Take My Relative Out Of Nursing Home During Covid 19 Pandemic

As Ireland’s leading Advisors on the Fair Deal and long- term care we have had quite a few calls from concerned relatives of residents of Nursing Homes over the past 6-7 months asking if they take their relative out of the Nursing Home and home care them what will be the implications on their Fair Deal funding. Before we advise them on the impact of such a decision on Fair Deal funding, we ask them […]

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Choosing a Nursing Home in Dublin

Nursing Home care regardless of where you live is expensive and this is especially so in Dublin where Nursing Homes can cost under the Fair Deal from €1,080 to €1,395 per week or privately from €1,200 to €2,000 per week. The lower Fair Deal rates are available for those who are successful in their application for the Nursing Home Support Scheme in Dublin. The amount one has to contribute towards the Fair Deal rate that […]

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Nursing Homes and the Fair Deal during the COVID 19 crisis

Despite the country being in the grips of the COVID 19 pandemic crisis and associated lockdown and restrictions, peoples need for long term care have not stopped or gone away. In fact, confinement to home and inability of some Homecare and Home help staff to continue to provide care and support services to older persons has increased the need for long term care facilities and resulted in many people realising that continued living at home […]

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COVID - 19

COVID-19 and Implications for Older Persons Care

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fear that it has created in our communities is causing considerable issues for our older communities in particular those who are relying on Home care services or who are in Hospital. I have received many calls from concerned families who have quite suddenly being left with no Home care as the persons performing this valuable service have withdrawn from providing it leaving many older and vulnerable people and families in […]

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Fair Deal Advice – Specialists Always On Hand To Help Combat The ‘COVID-19’ Crisis

Fair Deal Advice will remain open throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We will happily continue to provide our nationwide professional advisory service on the Fair Deal Scheme and long term care finance by phone and online. We will not be meeting Clients in person during this time. The Fair Deal Scheme remains open to new applicants and Nursing Homes are continuing to accept new Residents. If you or your relative may require long term care in […]

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nursing home fees payment under fair deal scheme

Overpayment of Nursing Home Fees under the Fair Deal

It never ceases to amaze me how many people apply for the Fair Deal without getting professional advice and without understanding how it works. Applying for the Fair Deal for many is probably the second biggest financial transaction that they will be involved in since taking out their mortgage and buying their first home. Yet they do not seek advice and fill out the forms blind not knowing what they are really getting into. The […]

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