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Fair Deal Scheme Guide

Fair Deal Scheme Guide

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The Fair Deal was established in 2009 to help individuals and their families to fund their long- term care needs. The scheme is designed to ensure regardless of means that everyone who needs long term care can avail of it.

To qualify for the scheme an applicant needs to undergo two assessments which are as follows:

1. Care Needs Assessment: This assesses whether the applicant requires long term care.

2. Financial Assessment: This determines what contribution from Income and Assets that the applicant will have to make towards their cost of care.

Where Applicants have assets such as property but insufficient cash to fund their long- term care and their asset contribution they may avail of the Nursing Home loan.

Under the Fair Deal you are entitled to a private room in a Nursing Home of your choice. The Fair Deal covers your Bed and Board laundry and care as well as any ancillary care equipment that you may require. There are extras that are not covered by the scheme which should be budgeted for.

To avail of the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support Scheme the applicant or their representative need to complete a detailed application form for the Fair Deal support and the Nursing Home Loan. It is very important that these forms are completed correctly as failure to do so will cause delays in the processing of the application and may have serious financial consequences for the applicant and in the future for their estate. We recommend that you get professional advice if applying for the Fair Deal. This will ensure your application is completed correctly in a timely manner and you will know prior to submitting the application what the financial and other implications will be for the Applicant.

For further advice contact or phone 086 601 5042