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Professional advisors for the Nursing Home Support Scheme – Fair Deal

Welcome to We operate a nationwide private and confidential fee paying advisory service for people seeking information and advice on the Fair Deal – Nursing Home Support Scheme. While information is available on websites many of our Clients have found the process of applying for the Fair Deal -Nursing Home Support Scheme cumbersome, confusing, complicated and stressful. Our service is designed to help you to apply and complete the application forms in a timely and stress- free manner ensuring that you will be granted the Fair Deal- Nursing Home Support without delay.
Our private and confidential advisory service includes:

  • • Information on the-Nursing Home Support Scheme -Fair Deal and how it may impact the applicant’s assets and income.
  • • Planning for the Nursing Home Support Scheme.
  • • We can completeyourNursing Home Support Scheme Application.
  • • Step by Step guide to applying for the Nursing Home Support Scheme-Fair Deal
  • • Information and advice on the Nursing Home loan scheme and what it means for you.
  • • Advice for those who may be concerned about the impact of the Fair Deal on their Pensions and other income.
  • • We can provide estimated calculations of what contributions you will be paying and the estimated Nursing Home Loan if you have assets.
  • • Advice on why you should have a Power of Attorney in place
  • • Advice on capacity issues and what can be done to resolve.
  • • One to One consultations are available
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