With Rising Costs And Inflation Rates Will Nursing Home Fees Increase

Nursing home support scheme

Due to the impact of the war in Ukraine and the supply issues clashing with increased demand for goods and services Post Covid we have all been subjected to increases in our day-to-day cost of living. These increases have affected everyone and in all aspects of our lives from fuel to food. So, can Residents in Nursing Homes expect to pay more for their care? There are two answers to this question and the answer will depend on whether the resident is a private paying resident or is a resident availing of the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support Scheme.

Private paying Residents pay fees that are determined by the Nursing Home Operators which they can set at their own discretion. Therefore, with rising costs in the Nursing Home I do believe that private residents can expect to see an increase in their fees.

Resident under the Fair Deal Scheme pay a set contribution based on an % of their income and assets. The weekly rate that they pay this against is set in a contract between the HSE and the Nursing Home and this rate is only increased following negotiations between the Operator and the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) acting on behalf of the HSE. Any increase in rates will result in the HSE paying additional sums to the Nursing Home and not the resident. So, residents under the Fair Deal should not expect to have to pay additional fees.

The only cost increases that resident under the Fair Deal may expect to pay is for service fees and extras that they may decide to avail of which are outside of the Fair Deal and set by the operator and suppliers of these services.

If you wish to apply for the Fair Deal or need advice on long term care financing, contact www.fairdealadvice.ie by email advice@fairdealadvice.ie or phone 086 6015042.