Who Cares for the Carer

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In my work advising Clients on the Fair Deal I regularly come across husbands/wives and other family members who contact me seeking advice and assistance with the Fair Deal and long term care solutions for their husband/wife or relative. Often these people are in their 70’s or 80’s and are exhausted and at their wits end as they have cared for their loved one at home despite increasing care needs with little or no help or in some cases with restricted home help services provided by the HSE.c

Son’s, Daughters and other relatives when visiting are all focused on the Cared and rarely if ever ask the Carer are you okay, how are you getting on, do you need help. Often with Elder care Son’s, Daughters and other relatives are in denial on the Cared persons condition and they cannot see the stress and strain that the Carer is being subjected to. This I am sure is why many Carers pre-decease the Cared for person.

The consequence of the above is that often the Cared person is not admitted to a Nursing Home when their care needs require it as family members are in denial and don’t appreciate what the Carer has to do 24 hours a day in an attempt to meet the Cared for persons care needs.

If you are a Son or Daughter or Family member or friend of someone who is caring for a relative, please ask and make sure that they are okay and give them the help and support that they need but often wont ask for. And if you see the Carer is struggling don’t allow the situation to continue and make the decision to admit the Cared person to long term care where they will get excellent care 24/7 by professional staff following a dedicated customised care plan. And once the Cared for person is in a Nursing Home don’t forget the Carer who now may be feeling lonely or guilty for no longer being able to care for his/her loved one at Home.

If you find yourself or know someone in the above situation and need professional help and advice in availing of long term care and the benefits of the Nursing Home Support/Fair Deal Scheme, contact Fair Deal Advice today by email advice@fairdealadvice.ie or phone 086 601 5042. www.fairdealadvice.ie– We are here to help you.

Tom Murray
Managing Director