Let Us All Help Our Friends, Relatives And Neighbours Get Back To Normality

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As Covid Restrictions ease and we return to a new type of normality I would ask everyone to make a special effort in looking out for older relatives, neighbours, and friends. We have had a high level of calls over the past weeks and months from persons as young as 68 enquiring about long term care facilities. When we discuss their care needs most if not all have nothing physically wrong with them, are living independently, are driving their cars but are suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation and have lost their self confidence to continue living on their own and go about their daily routines.

While we normally associate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with members of the Armed Forces, it is my belief that many people in our society in particular older person are suffering from PTSD because of the prolonged isolation and cocooning that they have endured over the past 18 months.

Nursing Homes are not the solution for many of the persons who call us with the above issues and indeed most would not qualify for the Fair Deal as they would not pass the Care needs Assessment.

What many of these people need is company and help from friend’s relatives and neighbours to reconnect with the world around them.

I would ask anyone who may read this article to reach out to your relatives, friends and neighbours and offer them a helping hand so that they can reintegrate into the new type of normality that we now live in. Thankfully many activities such as Bridge, Chess and Active Retirement Clubs are reopening which will help but often it may be asking someone for a Coffee, drink or a Meal that will make the big difference.

Let’s not assume that our relative’s friends and neighbour are okay. Be proactive and help them to continue to enjoy their lives with a little help from their friends. While many have booked counselling sessions most just need to talk to a friend, relative or neighbour to get back on track.

At Fairdealadvice.ie we encourage independent living and when the time come’s and care is required, we are here to help plan long term care and advise on financing long term care through the Fair Deal Scheme and other methods.

If you need our services, please email us at advice@fairdealadvice.ie or call 086 601 5042 or visit our website for further information at www.fairdealadvice.ie.

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