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Fair Deal Scheme – A Necessity For The Elderly Living In Kildare

Accessible to ordinary residents of Kildare and beyond, this scheme proceeds by assessing at first the care needs of the applicant. Secondly, the financial situation of the applicant is evaluated and contribution is figured out, based on the savings and properties owned by the individual.

Typically, this Fair Deal Nursing Home Scheme expects applicants to pay 80% of their overall earnings and 7.5% of their assets. However, it’s not as simple as it appears. There are terms and conditions elaborated under it, which only a specialist is aware of and keeps track of. Fair Deal Advice is the same, forwarding advisory service to Kildare citizens on NHSS and walks them through the cumbersome process.

Understanding The Nursing Home Support Scheme in Kildare, Ireland

To grab a better understanding of the role played by Fair Deal Advice in Kildare, let’s glance through the Nursing Home Loan Scheme and gain insight.

Covered under the scheme is only long-term residential care such as personal and nursing care, health and maintenance services. Included along with it are basic aids, laundry service, bed and board etc, in order to help a person live a normal life, despite age and disabilities.

All this and much more, has only facilitated the elderly, requiring no acute care to avail long-term care and move into the residence from hospital, under the NHSS.

Now, coming to the rules, it’s a 3-step procedure to a successful application process. The first step aims to assess the care needs by identifying the urgency of long-term nursing home care. On completing it, initiation of financial assessment takes place, where the applicant’s contribution to the Nursing Home Support Scheme cost of care is calculated. Consequently, the contribution of HSE is determined and paid as a State Support. The third, but the optional step, involves deferring of payment, which is filled in by the State on behalf of the resident. Essentially, the HSE takes care of both its own as well as the applicant’s portion, the latter being termed ‘Nursing Home Loan’.

Speaking of deductions on income, of which 80% has to be surrendered, the following are allowed to Kildare applicants:

  • •Expenses incurred in taking care of a child, spouse or an ex-spouse as agreed by a court
  • •Rents paid for accommodation, where an applicant shares the residence with a child of 21 years of age and below
  • •Taxes and levies as well as social insurance contributions
  • •Health-care expenses, apart from the contributions paid towards the Nursing Home Support Scheme
  • •Interests for taking house loans or for renovation and repair purposes

Apart from these, one of the perks of availing the scheme is the cut in contribution towards the Nursing Home Support Scheme cost of care for couples. It’s half of what other individuals pay for a member of a couple. While in assets, only 3.5% of the aggregate is liable for contribution, in earnings it’s 40% of the assessable income.

How Can Fair Deal Advice Help You Out

Nursing Home Support Scheme, as hinted earlier, is an elaborate topic. Only a professional well-versed in the same can show the elderly residing in Kildare, the path to a care-free independent living. Fair Deal Advice is the same, offering advisory services to people seeking long-term nursing home care. Its confidential and one-to-one advisory services have been availed by 500+ clients, leaving them immensely satisfied. Today and in the upcoming years, it seeks to help out more of such applicants by forwarding the following sets of private advisory services.

  • •Chalk out the benefits of availing Nursing Home Loan Scheme, and the overall concept in brief
  • •Plan the same in advance for you to avail
  • •Help you complete the application form
  • •Guide you through the steps
  • •Clear out doubts about its impacts on your income and pension
  • •Calculate, on your behalf, the contribution towards Nursing Home Support Scheme cost of care
  • •Explain to you the importance of engaging a Power of Attorney in the first place
  • •Inform in prior, the probable capacity issues, which you might encounter and help you resolve the same through one-to-one consultations


Benefits Ushered Under Fair Deal Scheme In Kildare

Fair Deal Scheme relieves one living in Kildare from the financial burden encountered during long-term nursing home care. With the Irish Government’s ancillary support or partial funding, an elderly can now afford the same. An agent specialising in NHSS and offering confidential advisory services, on the contrary, simplifies the cumbersome process of applying for the scheme and improves the chances of acceptance from the HSE. If you are willing to enjoy the same set of benefits or know somebody who’s in urgent need of Nursing Home Loan Scheme, feel free to contact us!

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