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Fair Deal Scheme Kildare Ireland

Fair Deal Scheme Guide for Kildare based Applicants

Helping you afford Nursing Home care

If looking for a Nursing Home in Kildare you can expect to pay up to €1,300 per week if paying privately which few people can afford in the short or long term. Thankfully the Nursing Home Support Scheme/Fair Deal is designed to ensure that anyone living in Ireland who needs long term care can avail of it. This is particularly helpful to potential applicants in Kildare where under the Fair Deal applicants pay a reduced rate due to the negotiation power of the HSE who subsidise up to 95% of all Nursing Home residents.

All applicants are expected to contribute towards their cost of care under the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support Scheme with levels set at 80% of income for single persons and 40% for couples and an asset contribution of 7.5% for single persons and 3.75% for couples.

Nursing Home Support Scheme

In simple terms the more you have the more you pay, the less you have the less you pay, however remember under the Fair Deal you can only be charged a maximum which is the Fair Deal rate for the Nursing Home that the applicant plans to reside in.

Remember regardless of who you are and what you do the Fair Deal can benefit you.

The Fair Deal process can be difficult to understand and to complete and we would recommend that you get professional advice using the service we offer at

For potential Applicants who have property assets of high value but low income and cash reserves we can help applicants avail of the Nursing Home loan to fund their care fees and to avail of the reduced Fair Deal rates.

Be warned don’t take advise from persons not qualified to give it as the implications of not completing your Fair Deal application correctly can have serious financial consequences for applicants and their estates. Advice needs to be specific to your individual circumstances and needs to be independent and objective which is what Fair Deal Advice offers. We do not attempt to sell you anything other than advice on the Fair Deal customised to your specific circumstances. We are not linked to any Financial Advisory firms selling pensions and investment advice which ensures we only give you objective independent advice that optimises your situation.

Fair Deal Advice is headed up by Tom Murray FCMA who is recognised as the leading independent Consultant on the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support scheme and is a regular guest speaker on Radio and conferences on long term care as well as a contributor to Ireland leading newspaper titles.

Fair Deal Advice offers alternative funding solutions for persons needing long term care who have high incomes and high net worth and for whom the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support Scheme maybe of no benefit.

Fair Deal Advice offers the following services to our Kildare Customers.

Fair Deal Advice, delivers confidential, professional, objective and independent advisory services on the Fair Deal/ Nursing Home Support Scheme nationwide ensuring our Customers receive maximum benefits, under the Fair Deal Scheme in Kildare. We take immense pride in completing 500+ cases across Ireland and looking forward to serving new ones through the following list of services:

  • • Help Kildare applicants plan for the Fair Deal/Nursing Home Support Scheme.
  • • Inform the Fair Deal scheme applicants about the benefits it would bring as well as the way it would have an impact on their earnings and assets
  • • Assure a seamless application process through our professional guidance
  • • Complete the application on your behalf
  • • Provide face-to-face consultations on a one-to-one basis
  • • Assist Farmers and Business owners on the Fair Deal
  • • Communicate the importance of having a Power of Attorney
  • • Calculate your contribution towards the Cost of Care
  • • Advise on the Nursing Home Loan
  • • Advise on solutions of what to do with Applicant’s home
  • • Advise whether the Fair Deal should be applied for and offer alternative funding solutions.
  • • Advise on the hidden costs of Nursing Home care
  • • Advise and assist on Nursing Home selection


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