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Let us begin with the fact that the focus of the Fair Deal Nursing Home Scheme is upon Irish individuals that are in need of full time Nursing Home Support, but cannot afford it. The layout of the scheme streamlines it be the most beneficial for individuals that are under pension and have minimum or no asset.

This is because, even though the scheme offers financial support, it does not entirely fund your nursing home care. The candidate will have to contribute 80% of their income and savings and 7.5% of the cost of their non-cash assets.The scheme works differently for individuals, but the contribution is same for all, until and unless the applying person has a spouse or family member, with whom they share the house or the income with.

Therefore, it’s crucial for applicants to plan everything before hand, and make a viable solution to their long term plans. This highlights the situations of family inheritance, and what if you have more than a spouse to look after. Moreover, things get more cumbersome when it comes to individuals with dementia and crippled physical conditions.

Our Work As A Nursing Homes Support Scheme Guide In Clare

Fair Deal Advice has been working extensively across major cities and towns in Ireland, helping individuals get the best benefits of the Fair Deal State Support. Having implemented over 500 successful settlements, now we are focusing on Nursing Homes Support Scheme Clare cases.

Lead by Tom Murray, Fair Deal Advice reaches out to individuals that are:

  • •Seeking information about the Fair Deal Scheme Clare resources, offices and timings.
  • •Looking to calculate their contributions before applying to the scheme
  • •Prepare for the financial and health assessments
  • •Get ample assistance during the application process
  • •Have personalised solutions regarding
  • •Guidance on how the Nursing Home Cost Care Scheme will impact your pension and other income
  • •Assist with the understanding and application of the Nursing Home Loan Scheme Clare

Our end-to-end knowledge about the Nursing Homes Support Scheme – Fair Deal and avid experience in dealing with different, complex cases has given us immense capability in resolving such cases with an intuitive approach.

Working Your Way Through The Complexities Of The Fair Deal Scheme Clare

As here we are focusing on the Nursing Homes Support Scheme Guide Clare based cases can use, the scheme works the same way for all regions across Ireland. The guidelines are pointed towards situations that are not overtly outlined by the web based plethora of Fair Deal Scheme information.
This includes attributes related to :-

  • •Tax Relief
  • •Medical Expenses
  • •Looking after a Spouse
  • •Looking after a family
  • •Understanding the significance of a Power of Attorney
  • •Guidance of family inheritance
  • •Guidance about family businesses and farms

Frankly the the Fair Deal Scheme, will cost you more if you have more. Like we said earlier, the scheme is focused on providing for a definite set of individuals, that are need of home or nursing home care, on a full time basis, that don’t have the financial or family resources to care for them. If you are considering to apply for this scheme you can consult with us, and have a foolproof solution to any glitches or misunderstandings. Find ways how could have the best benefit of this scheme.

Have a harmonious time while preparing, application and getting the grant. Raise your chances to get the grant. And have a constant support of someone who acts as your Next Friend, and nothing less than a caring family member.

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