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Fair Deal Nursing Home Scheme Limerick Ireland

Fair Deal Scheme: Financial Support For The Elderly Living In Limerick

Fair Deal Scheme is nothing but an alternate name given to the Nursing Home Support Scheme, introduced way back in 2009, by the Health Service Executive (HSE) to tend to the financial crisis encountered by the elderly in managing costs associated to long-term nursing home care. Since then it has been operational all across Ireland, including Limerick and has helped reduce the financial burden of many.

The best part is that there’s no discrimination practised by HSE, indicating the right to avail so, by even the most ordinary of citizens. The same proceeds when elderly residents contribute towards their cost of care, while the State bears the balance. Again, a remarkable aspect is that it applies to almost every nursing home, be it private, public or voluntary.

Essentially, it initiates with interested applicants contributing a specified portion of their income and assets to the cost of care. Typically, 80% of the prior and 7.5% of the latter is charged annually. By assets, the scheme pinpoints at property and land. In the case of one’s family home, the contribution stretches only for 3-years from the aggregate value of assets. Such conditions, along with other terms, are best interpreted by a specialist, typically referred to as a fair deal advisor. Fair Deal Advice, hosts similar such professionals, who are experienced enough to take Limerick citizens through the process in a breeze.

Fair-deal-scheme What Do You Mean By Nursing Home Support Scheme In Limerick?

NHSS is a social welfare plan undertaken by HSE to cover only long-term nursing home care services. Featured under it are nursing, maintenance, personal care, bed and board, laundry services along with other basic aids, necessary for the day to day living of an elderly or disabled person. With the support of this scheme, many from Limerick hospitals, requiring no acute care, moved into long-term care to live a better life.

Like them, every applicant has to process a fair deal application, walking them through 3 basic steps. Check them out below:

  1. 1. Care Needs Assessment– under it, the seriousness of the situation is measured by the HSE to check whether NHSS is the only way out for an elderly.
  2. 2. State Support– under it, the financial condition of an applicant is examined by looking up at the assets and income of the same person. This is done to finalise one’s contribution to the cost of care and the State support offered to fill up the gap.
  3. 3. Nursing Home Loan– this is nothing but the amount lent by the State on behalf of an applicant willing to delay the payment that he/she is entitled to.

Coming to deductions concerning income, the following are observed:

  • •Payments going into the maintenance and care of a spouse or a child and even an ex-spouse
  • •Contributions going into the payment of income tax and social insurance. Levies are also counted under it
  • •Rental payments for Limerick applicants who live with a child or spouse under the same roof
  • •EMIs on home loans or investments for the repair of one’s residence
  • •Health expenses, apart from the contributions going into NHSS

Advisory Services Rendered Under Fair Deal Advice In Limerick

Availing Nursing Home Support Scheme in Limerick is not as easy as it appears. From jargon to complications, several obstacles come in the way. Only a professional, versed in the same, smoothens the journey taken in anticipation of successful submission of fair deal application. Fair Deal Advice is one such renowned independent body, forwarding confidential advisory services to the residents of Limerick, who choose to apply for NHSS in time and without much hassles.

Here are the advisory services covered under it:

  • •Provide essential information on NHSS and the way it intends to change your life for the better
  • •Help you plan it under a one-to-one consultation
  • •Fill up the fair deal applicationon your behalf
  • •Guide you through the elaborate process
  • •Show you the way out through Nursing Home Loan, in case you feel burdened by your contribution
  • •Make you feel at ease by calculating your contribution on your behalf
  • •Provide suggestions on how to resolve capacity issues
  • •Explain to you about the benefits of involving a Power of Attorney

How Helpful It Is To The Elderly Living In Limerick

Fair Deal Scheme makes an elderly person living in Limerick feel light and at ease by involving the Irish Government to share the person’s financial burden in availing the long-term nursing home care. The responsibility of applying for the same to HSE is taken up by fair deal advisors, who specialise in NHSS and its elaborate terms and conditions. To all those who are clueless at the moment, go ahead and hire Fair Deal Advice in Limerick. We shall walk you through the process in a breeze only to bestow unmatched benefits of Nursing Home Support Scheme upon you!

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