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Fair Deal Nursing Home Scheme Kerry

Nursing Home Support Scheme Kerry

Fair Deal Scheme In Kerry – A Guide For Kerry Based Applicants

To start with, Nursing Home Support Scheme in Kerry, Ireland, alternatively identified as Fair Deal is an initiative of the Health Service Executive (HSE) to relieve Irish people of the financial worries of long-term nursing home care. Although it involves the State to extend financial support, the Fair Deal Scheme also anticipates applicants to contribute 80% of their earnings and a nominal 7.5% of their entire non-cash asset value towards the same. What appears a simple scheme is, in reality, a bit stressful and cumbersome. Moreover, with people suffering from reduced capacity, applying for the Nursing Home Loan gets a lot complicated. Herein, lies the power of an advisory service, forwarded by the reputed agency- Fair Deal Advice.

A Brief Overview Of Nursing Home Support Scheme

Prior to plunging into the services offered by Fair Deal Advice, let’s check out the rules, contribution exceptions, deductions and every other thing to grasp a better understanding of the Fair Deal Scheme in Kerry.

So the rules of Nursing Home Support Scheme or Fair Deal entails applicants to go through three steps. Initially, it examines how urgently an applicant requires long-term nursing home care, under the Care Needs Assessment. On completing this step, it moves over to examining the earnings and non-cash assets of an applicant, under the Financial Assessment. Based on that, the contribution to the Cost Of Care and the State support is decided. In the last or optional stage, it empowers the same applicant to defer their contribution by applying for a Nursing Home Loan.

One of the best things about the Nursing Home Support Scheme Fair Deal is a couple’s contribution towards Cost of Care. For couples, it’s an exception, expecting them to pay 40% of their assessable earnings and 3.75% of their aggregate assets (includes land and property).

As of deductions, from income respects, the list of following ones are accepted:

  • •Interests on loans taken either for maintenance or for repair and purchase of home
  • •Expenses arising from health care, except for the contributions towards the Cost Of Care
  • •Miscellaneous contributions for income tax, levies and social insurance
  • •Rental payments of applicants under whom are dependable like a spouse or a child aged 21 and below
  • •Maintenance expenses on the present or former spouse and child

Now that you have gained sufficient insight into Fair Deal in Kerry, let’s move over to the powers exercised by the advisory agent- Fair Deal Advice in making the process as hassle-free as possible.

Role Played By Fair Deal Advice

Fair Deal Advice, as discussed in the opening paragraph, is an agent delivering confidential advisory services nationwide to help people draw maximum benefits, under the Fair Deal Scheme in Kerry. We take immense pride in completing 500+ cases across Ireland and looking forward to serving new ones through the following list of services:

  • •Help applicants plan for Nursing Home Support Scheme in Kerry
  • •Intimate the Fair Deal scheme applicants about the benefits it would bring as well as the way it would have an impact on their earnings and assets
  • •Assure a seamless application process through guidance
  • •Complete the application on your behalf
  • •Provide face-to-face consultations on a one-to-one basis
  • •Communicate the importance of having a Power of Attorney
  • •Calculate your contribution towards the Cost of Care
  • •Convey an estimate of Nursing Home Loan expected of applicants owning assets


Benefits Promised To Fair Deal Kerry Applicants

Candidly, Fair Deal Advice is a respite from the troubles and misunderstandings, often encountered by the seekers of Nursing Home Support Scheme in Kerry. It guides one through the elaborate process, involving planning and applying, thereby improving the chances of acquiring a grant from the Irish Government. Also, it ensures sufficient peace of mind to applicants, for whom it’s a constant support in trying times.

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