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Nursing Home Support Scheme

Nursing Home Support Scheme – Fair Deal Ireland

Nursing Home Support Scheme, alternatively Fair Deal, is one of those schemes, which HSE administers to take care of Irish people seeking long-term residential care services. Under this plan, simply by making a weekly contribution towards the cost of care, an applicant enjoys overwhelming returns. This usually materialises as State funding on bills generated by a nursing home for offering medication, therapeutic services and appropriate care with ancillary services, including laundry, bed and board service. What’s best about Nursing Home Support Scheme Fair Deal is its flexibility. The amount contributed shall vary according to income earned and the assets owned. This is probably why it’s a reasonable deal for those suffering from ill-health and experience prolonged stays at hospitals.

Role Played By Tom Murray & Associates

Despite such advantages, an applicant mostly encounters problems in the application process. To many, it is cumbersome, time-consuming and hectic. This is exactly when Tom Murray & Associates play a major role. By acting as a Nursing Homes Support Scheme guide, we proffer our services, which revolve chiefly around the completion of application forms to ensure timely grant of benefits to applicants. To elaborate on our confidential and private advisory services, look through the points mentioned below:—

  • • We provide an advisory service to keep our clients updated on Nursing Home Loan Scheme and the benefits that it holds in store for applicants
  • • We offer an overall idea about Nursing Home Support Scheme in Ireland and its effects on the claimant’s income and asset
  • • Brief you on the outcomes of Fair Deal on income and pension
  • • Calculate, on your behalf, your contributions towards cost of care
  • • Arrange for personal consultations
  • • Help you plan for the scheme


Although Nursing Home Support Scheme cost of care seems to be a gripping idea for those seeking financial support from the State, receiving approval isn’t much simple. This is why we suggest you approach us at Tom Murray & Associates, the owner and operator of Fairdealadvice.ie. Since we have a wealth of knowledge in this regard, you are bound to receive approval on submission of Nursing Home Support Scheme. Call us on 086 601 5042 or drop us an email at advice@fairdealadvice.ie now!


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Nursing Home Support Scheme Ireland

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